Technology Sharpened.

Black Saber Group focuses on providing strategic solutions, new technology, and innovative practices to solve current and future secure communication and location information challenges for a diverse range of clients, including governments, corporate entities, and private individuals.
Additionally, we are an authorized service provider and value-added manufacturer for Iridium satellite communications, covering both voice and data.
Black Saber Group prioritizes the needs of its partners, ensuring customized and effective solutions for all secure communication and data requirements.

Who We Are

BSG is a diverse but unified team of talented innovators, committed to excellence in all we do.  Our goal is to build an enduring and trusting relationship internally with our team members and with our partners, customers, and vendors.  We listen to our clients’ requirements and commit ourselves to providing a quality solution

Satellite Communication

The first of its kind, user-managed, AES-256 encryption for Iridium Extreme telephony communications – the E-Clip.  The E-Clip is one of four new innovative and disruptive technologies that the BSG engineering team has developed and will be releasing in 2024.