Our Values

Our Pillars

– Being honest and transparent with our partners

Trust – Earn by consistent actions in our partnership to show our commitment

Success – Ensuring our partners achieve their objectives

Innovation – To not be an obstacle to creative ideas

Our Mission

The mission of Black Saber Group is to develop and deliver new and innovative technology solutions that empowers an individual and large organizations to communicate clearly, consistently, and securely across the globe. The rapid and secure transfer of data can be critical for mission success.  Black Saber Group is committed to creating user friendly products that enable secure communication in the most remote regions of the world and transcend man-made boundaries.   The organizational culture of excellent and responsibility at Black Saber Group fosters the development of reliable and dependable products on which our customers can rely, and secure communication is never in question.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a disruptive force in satellite communications by continually bringing to market innovative and user-friendly devices to secure satellite communications, providing outstanding services to our clients, and building long-term relationships.  We envision a world where anyone, regardless of their location can transfer or receive secure and reliable data.   This improved ability to communicate securely will increase the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that empower individuals and organizations to fulfill their potential, achieve their goals, and contribute to a global society. Through innovative technology and partnerships, we aim to break down the barriers to secure communications and build a future where communication bridges gaps and differences and makes the world a safer and better place.