Florida’s Black Saber Group to Bring Improved Communications to the Middle East and Africa as Iridium Service Provider

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Black Saber Group has unique understanding of region’s communications requirements.

TAMPA, Fla. – September 14, 2022 – Governments across the Middle East and Africa will have improved communications thanks to Black Saber Group’s new status as an Iridium Service Provider to the region. Black Saber Group specializes in providing communications, integration and support solutions for commercial and government sectors.

Iridium is a global satellite communications company providing access to voice and data services anywhere on Earth. Iridium is the preferred satellite communications network for the United States government, including the military.

Black Saber Group was formed in 2018 with a primary focus on bringing Iridium communications to the Middle East and Africa, and that remains its core business – providing Iridium services to the region. The company was chosen to work with Iridium based on its regional expertise and understanding of the unique communications requirements of its customer base. Black Saber Group is focused exclusively on the Middle East and Africa, according to its agreement with Iridium.

Because it is focused exclusively on bringing service to the region, Black Saber Group will help Iridium grow its international business in the Middle East and Africa and bring new, emerging technologies to the region.

With its constellation of satellites, Iridium’s network connects people and devices in the world’s most remote places and close to home. Iridium’s unique constellation architecture makes it the only network that covers 100 percent of the planet. Satellites are cross-linked to provide reliable, low-latency, weather-resilient connections that enable communication anywhere in the world.

Black Saber Group is focused on bringing these communications to the region based on its assessment of a need for secure, global communications in new, emerging and growing nations and militaries.

“We are excited to join the Iridium family of service providers and bring mission-critical communications and support to the Middle East and Africa region,” said James Markley, Black Saber Group’s COO. “Over the last 10 years of working in the region, and witnessing the rapid growth of infrastructure and the reliance on being connected in the world, it has become evident that secure, reliable communications are the key to ensuring national security and supporting communities, citizens and nations. Bringing a best-in-class, secure communications solution with access to new, emerging technology and with our unique understanding of regional needs, I know we at Black Saber Group will bring the ultimate communications experience to our future partners in the region.”

For more information about Black Saber Group, visit blacksabergroup.com.

About Black Saber Group
Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Black Saber Group provides consulting, integration and support solutions for commercial and government sectors, focused on Geospatial, Secure Mobile Satellite Communication and Big Data Analytics AI (Machine Learning). Our personnel have a wealth of experience in the region supporting foreign military entities and integrating products into the military operational environment. As a team and through our combined backgrounds, we have operated and provided solutions throughout the Middle East, North Africa and United States to both civilian businesses and government agencies. The BSG Executive Team comprises over 85 years of combined IT and Defense Intelligence Security; and over 75 years specifically focused on multi-regional and cross-cultural support. Our slogan is Technology Sharpened.


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