October Newsletter

BSG is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and operates nationwide and in the MENA region. We want to empower our partners with encrypted devices that will guarantee them a secure way to communicate, track, and shield. We have invested over $500,000 into this goal by building an operational laboratory, hiring engineers, and acquiring equipment. One of our electrical engineers is Dana Lanza.

Dana Lanza is a recent USF electrical engineering graduate, who found a passion in the field when she realized it combined creativity, and creation. Dana loves that electrical engineering allows for endless possibilities. She has previously interned for Chemical Systems and worked for Raytheon after graduation. Wanting to get more into designing Dana applied to BSG, and she has been working here ever since. To quote Dana, “I get to be involved in all aspects, and am a part of the progress of the whole project. That is why I like being here because of the innovation and endless possibilities.”

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